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Impact Analysis & Investigation Tool for Unisys LINC

Acclaim Overview

Unisys e-Action Enterprise Application Environment - EAE, (formally known as LINC) from Unisys is a 4GL used widely  in the Unisys world in A Series, 2200, ClearPath, UNIX and Windows environments. As your LINC system gets larger, management of the system becomes more and more difficult. Acclaim is the answer. It presents your LINC specification to you on your PC clearly and simply using the power of Windows and LDAIII (Enterprise Application Developer).

 Acclaim Structure


Acclaim can help you to quickly learn about the structure of all or part of a LINC system.

         Screenshot                Screenshot click to view


For any element of the system, such as Global SDs or SameAs, you can make enquiries about Where Used or Where Updated and get answers back in just seconds. During an enquiry you can drill down several levels to get to the detail that you need.

Text Searches

You can use this feature of Acclaim to search for specific strings of text. The text can be anywhere in the system including comments, screen text and item descriptions. You can do a search on up to three text literals at once. And the results come back in a matter of seconds NOT hours.

General Housekeeping

Acclaim can help enormously with the tedious task of ensuring that your system is consistent and well documented. It can provide a report, for example, to show what is involved in enforcing your Data Dictionary. You can also build a list of items of a similar type or category and then perform functions such as queries for the list.

Partial Load Facility

With Acclaim's new partial load facility, load times are dramatically reduced. Acclaim now only needs to load any changes.

This makes Acclaim not only the most accurate and detailed investigation tool, but also one of the quickest to view system changes.

 Acclaim Integrated EAE Development Environment - Workflow Acclaim in an Enterprise development environment.

Multi User

Acclaim Multi-user facility, enables it to be installed onto a server allowing access from work stations as required, freeing up valuable resources locally. Especially useful in large development teams. 

The TEST Module

The TEST module provides the ideal tool to help developers to test changes to a EAE (LINC/LDAIII) system before the user acceptance stage. The unique "script capture" mechanism allows Acclaim to record a series of transactions in order to create, maintain and replay test scripts for automated, online and batch testing.  The test results are viewed through Acclaim where differences are highlighted and developers are just one click away from the logic and the ability to drill down through the structures to help quickly isolate problem code. The added ability to apply validation rules and compare results of test runs makes for a very powerful utility, which has already caught the interest of the LINC community.

In a recent survey of UK LINC sites, it was noted that approximately 10% of those interviewed use mechanical testing methods, leaving the vast majority still relying on visual checking and user testing to ensure the stability of changes to their LINC system.

Go to the downloads page to get the Acclaim TEST presentation.

If you are interested in becoming a test site for the TEST module, or to make sure you are sent the latest information, then please contact us.

How to see Acclaim

Why not see your own LINC system demonstrated in Acclaim? Affinité will load your case extract into Acclaim prior to presentation, and demonstrate your own work! 

This is the best way to see Acclaim, allowing you to compare Acclaim query performance against traditional methods.

To see an Acclaim demo, then please contact us.

Acclaim is owned by BoastData Limited and marketed by Affinité Europe.