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Affinité Europe was formed in September 1991 by Duncan Starkey and Louise LeMarquand, both previously Unisys employees. The company initially specialised in software and services for Unisys ClearPath, A and V Series and LINC mainframe users. Mark Davies

Mark Davies is Customer Support Director at Affinité Europe and has over 40 years experience in the computer industry. He joined Affinité Europe in 1996 from British Gas.

As of December 1st 2008, Mark Davies took over day to day control of Affinité Europe, and the business has relocated to new premises in Huddersfield.


Affinité Europe is the exclusive European and African distributor for the Affinité Corporation in the USA, whose president is Jim Cogan (ex Joseph and Cogan Associates). The company offers a comprehensive integrated set of software tools for Performance Monitoring, Capacity Management, A Series Security and PC integration. Affinité Corporation have also developed ArteMon, a powerful, affordable system performance monitor for Linux servers, Windows servers and network devices.

In May 1997, the company expanded into LINC / EAE (on any platform) with the Acclaim product, written by Pete Nockels, a well known U.K. LINC / EAE expert. Acclaim is an investigation and re-engineering tool for LINC development.

Affinité Europe itself developed the DB-Wise tool for DMSII testing.

From 2002, we also offered the full range of specialist Unisys A Series & ClearPath MCP automated operations tools from Metalogic.

In 2008, we began offering ArteMon from Affinité Corporation, a powerful, affordable system performance monitor for Linux servers, Windows servers and network devices.


We also offer a range of services such as Performance Reviews, Capacity Studies, Training, a Capacity Monitoring Programme and Initial Impact Analyses.

Affinité Europe will provide your staff with Skill Transfer expertise to enhance their knowledge and understanding of your system. This will enable greater effectiveness in future performance and capacity management.

The Company

The offices of the company are based in West Yorkshire, in the UK. Affinité uses a number of other staff on a contract basis.

Affinité Europe is an Authorised Unisys Partner.

To help protect customers' investment in software, Affinité has set up a worldwide escrow agreement, based at the National Computing Centre in the U.K. where the software sources have been deposited. Any of our customers may subscribe to this service.

For over 25 years, the company has established and maintained an excellent customer base, with our users enthusiastic and willing to be referenced.